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We're Isis & Eros, a married couple in our late 30's from Los Angeles, CA. Four years ago my husband & I decided to become SWINGERS! We find couples that also want to explore their naughty side & we have sexy fun with them. We started this podcast to share our adventures. Peek inside our world of being "married with benefits."

If you're curious about the swinging lifestyle, we offer unconventional dating advice and tips  Many of our listeners just tune in just to hear the stories of the sexy fun we have with other couples. Everybody is welcome.

We chose the name Priory Society because being in the swinger's lifestyle is like being part of a Secret Society. We have to keep our activities private from family and vanilla friends, we gather in secret, and the uninitiated don't know what we really do behind closed doors.

We give you a glimpse into the secret world of the swingers on "The Priory Society Podcast." Come listen to our stories of wife swaps & other fun. 


Jan 31, 2020

Karen & Bob tell us about their full swap date that ended up taking a horrible turn. They did a wife swap after only 3 months in the lifestyle & made several mistakes. They drank too much & their date turned into a disaster. To top it off, a seasoned couple performed the "Divide & Conquer Strategy" on them. They...

Jan 9, 2020

In episode 40 we interview Karen & Chris from the Swinging Along Podcast. They have a show on the swinging lifestyle & their goal is to make the “abnormal” a little more accepted & normalized. They want swingers, polyamorous folks, open, or whatever they identify as... that they don’t need to hide for fear of...